Bespoke Summer Ski Holidays in Argentina and Chile

Now is an ideal time for experiencing our bespoke Summer ski holidays in Argentina and Chile.

Enjoy the mountains as well as discover different cultures ethnies and new landscapes with a broadened horizon. Spectacular Mountains and Volcanoes, Lakes and Glaciers.

Recently, spectacular amounts of snow covered the Andes and Patagonia under a massive blanket of powder, perfect conditions as now the sun shines! The best time of the season is from Mid August till Mid-October and there is usually hips of snow coming at the end of August beginning of September… powder hounds get ready!

Our luxury, tailor-made, Ski holidays in Argentina and Chile will bring you to legendary resorts Las Leñas and San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina, Valle Nevado and Portillo in Chile.

Even if you will discover so much along the road, we recommend to spend a couple of days in the cities.

You will have an opportunity to discover new horizons, the vibrant cities of Buenos-Aires and Santiago de Chile offer a unique flair, European heritage mixed with “New world”,  Art and Culture,  Architecture, Fashion…

Great restaurants where you will discover the national “Asado or Parilla” Argentina’s beef, fed from unique, natural Pampa grass, cooked on a wood charcoal round pit-fire barbecue, this is the best meat in the world hands down.  Then Chile’s seafood and fresh fish at its best with its famous Sea-Bass and the Centolla (Chile King Crab) out of the cold south pacific water.

Do not forget the TANGO…. try it out at Café Tortoni in Buenos-Aires!

For those who care about wines, Argentina’s Malbec is world famous because it is  delicious, and  you can visit great wineries in Mendoza  and San Rafael close to Las Leñas.

The same opportunity applies to Chile with its famous wines and wineries in the Casablanca, Colchagua and Maipo valleys being close to Santiago, all offering tasting and discovery tours of their world class wines.

Argentina Ski Resorts

Las Leñas, Argentina


Las Leñas is an iconic ski resort known for its fabulous snow and off-piste though it offers many groomed trails to suit everybody’s ability from beginners to advanced.

For the family holidays this is a sensational location as everything is easy and safe, people really have a sense of service and hospitality that is to be enjoyed. Argentineans love the late suppers and after the initial time to get used to the custom you will adapt and enjoy their relaxed and laid back holiday attitude.

A great selection of restaurants on and off the Mountains for every appetite,  hotels to suit everybody, be aware that the nightlife can rock your world… be surprised!

For the hardcore skier, Las Leñas offers more than ten thousands acres of absolutely incredible off-piste.  The snow usually rhymes with quantity and lightness.

To make things comfortable for a family, a great ski school for every age and ability takes care of most needs. For the more performance oriented ones a team of professional guides will take you to the next level with  safety and mountain knowledge experience.

Las Lenas Torecillas

Located in the middle of Argentina in the Andes, an easy 2 hours flight from Buenos-Aires to Malargue and a short hour by the road from the airport to the resort.

We will recommend 5 hotels offering 3 to 5 stars quality and packaged with all the services.

San Carlos de Bariloche – Cerro Catedral, Argentina


San Carlos de Bariloche is a beautiful town located at the foot of the Andes Mountain Range and by the side of beautiful lake Nahuel Huapi

A 2 hours flight from Buenos-Aires will bring you to  Bariloche capital of  Rio Negro state.

Twenty minutes away from the beautiful city of San Carlos de Bariloche stands Cerro Catedral,  Mountain ski resort, dominating a spectacular environment encompassing high Mountains, meadows, forest of evergreens and hills reaching the water of Lake Nahuel Huapi.

Argentina has seen it’s share of immigrants from Europe and it really shows in the mix of population and the food choices that you will encounter throughout your stay in Argentina.

A stay at our favourite luxury 5 Stars hotel will certainly be a crowd pleaser and we guess the memory of this incredible place will linger for a long time in your memory.

A picture of it…

Llao Llao Argentina

Chile Ski Resorts

Valle Nevado, Chile


Located only 60 kms away from Santiago de Chile, it is a quick drive up to Valle Nevado ski resort. Very convenient location that even allows you to spend also some time in the Capital of Chile.

Santiago of today is a modern and very well mannered city where you can find the urban feel, foods and goods from all over the world as well a very traditional and historical centre with the “Mercado Central” the Central Market”.

Valle Nevado is part of the largest South-American ski resort when you connect with “La Parva” and “El Colorado” two other ski resorts, together called “Los Tres Valles”,  The Three Valleys.

All together they are covering more than 10,000 acres of varied terrain matching all abilities bringing you many skiing and dining options as well. Valle Nevado offers you a nice variety of restaurants and daily options part of your chosen holiday package.

Distinctive traits to Valle Nevado are the European feel and manners.  Gathering an international clientele, you will see that they enjoys life first and then skiing. There is a life at night in Valle and for some this is what a holiday should be remembered for.

If there is  a hardcore skier in you, start early and you will benefit from a quiet place until 10:30-11:00 when most people start their day… this way you will be looking forward to the powder morning and will get an immense share of the terrain to yourself! So you know not many do ski powder… you decide.

All 3 hotels in Valle Nevado offer a complete package which is based on the 3, 4 or 5 stars accommodation you choose, simple easy this resort is compact in terms of building but expansive in terms of skiing size.

Valle Nevado

Clear skies and  bright sunsets are part of most of the days, enjoy!


Screenshot 2015-08-13 11.28.03

A gem in the Andes Mountains located 120 Kms from Santiago (approximately 2.5 hours transfer) this unique Resort is really about pampering you and feeling exclusive. Only one hotel, though an amazing one that bring you the highest levels of service and comfort.

The Portillo Ski Area in Chile is the most famous and oldest center in South America, renown for its extraordinary beauty and its world-class skiing and snowboarding. In a world quickly going generic, Portillo proudly remains unique, private and grand. There are no towns, shopping areas, high-priced tickets or major ego to be found here, just casual elegance and a warm social atmosphere that encourages every visitor to feel like part of the family. Portillo is one of the best place to enjoy our Tailor-made ski holidays with guided discovery of the amazing Andes.

In the World of skiing, Portillo has a golden history. The celebrated skier Jean-Claude Killy won his first World Championships gold medals here in 1966. Speed skiers in Portillo’s Kilometro Lanzado competitions were the first to exceed 200kph. Four former gold medallists have led Portillo’s Ski School in the past, and hosts National Ski Teams every year (last year the Austrian and U.S. Olympic teams trained here).

Clients come from all over the world, a maximum of 450 guests have the slopes all to themselves. Portillo sells all-inclusive ski weeks from June to October.

Screenshot 2015-08-13 11.33.37

Famous for its powder, steeps, chutes and backcountry, the groomed terrain is excellent even if limited. The resort offers 2 quad chairlifts, 1 triple, 2 doubles, 2 one-of-a-kind va et vient “slingshot” lifts, and 5 Pomas. Portillo is 100% above tree line and therefore the skiing is bowl-like and wide open, with incredible opportunities for off-piste skiing and snowboarding.

Other Tailor-made Opportunities in South America

There is a lot of Heli-skiing happening in Chile and it is world class operations. You will take off directly from the resorts of Portillo or Valle Nevado and the Heli experiences take place within the most spectacular part of the majestic Andes.

We will be happy to help you choose and select the best options for you.

Screenshot 2015-08-13 12.36.06

In Las Leñas you will be able to do some excellent Cat-Skiing and slice some amazing powder in “El Collar” and more great slopes and couloirs

Would you like to finish of the holiday on a beach in Brasil? Rio is so close and this is a wonderful destination with amazing people and lifestyle, if you have not yet seen this yet, it might be the opportunity you were waiting for?


Maybe Jericoacoara for a week Kite-boarding?


How can we help to make your dream holiday happen, let us know what you have in mind and we will make it happen: contact us