When your chosen activity dictates the holiday and the experience you are looking for, it is time to open up the possibilities to explore. We let you choose and select what matters to you.

We have a wide variety of options and what is listed here may not encompass your exact ideas, so please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, as well as what may be happening at Premier Destinations around the globe.

We are specialized in quite a few sports and leisure oriented fields, so let us know what you are passionate about and what you’d like to try.

A few examples of what we can offer you:

  • Ski and Snowboard at the best resorts
  • Heli and Cat skiing operations
  • Sailing and Yachting private charters
  • Golfing holidays
  • Fishing trips and Lodges
  • Kite Boarding experiences
  • Road Biking travels and Tours through various countries
  • Mountain biking in many locations worldwide
  • Scuba diving: discovering the most incredible reefs and underwater wonders
  • Beach and Sun time
  • Fitness or Yoga retreat and training
  • Massage courses and learning experiences in Asia
  • Horseback riding in the British Columbia wilderness

Thinking a bit more outside of the box:

  • Trekking in Asia and South America
  • Learning to fly planes or Helicopters
  • Take a car racing course
  • Mountain climbing the  Himalayas
  • Museum or History Guided discovery of countries, cities, monuments, events, battlefields…

For more information please contact us

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