Travel Holidays in Crete

Crete is the largest island of Greece with more than 260kms long and as wide as 60 kms at its largest point. The island benefits from 2 excellent climate types, Mediterranean on the North shore and North African on the South coast.


Ancient civilizations have peopled this island, they all brought a piece of identity to Crete, each one leaving testimonies of their cultures which are still visible and part of the interest for educated tourism for many.

Historical buildings and artifacts from different conquerors in place are a great point of reference to discover what a special country this is. Many monuments from the past to visit for the cultural part of the holiday, there is so much more to be enjoyed as this island caters to many interests:  five star hotels and resorts on the beach, private luxury houses, typical cuisine with fresness in mind, privates cruises and yachting, hiking trails… As an example, this island is crossed by the european long distance path: E 4 which offers incomparable natural landscapes and geological phenomenons


From the north to the south, from the west to the east, this island shows multiples facets, inland spectacular mountains with 3 mountain chains and summits as high as 2456 metres (over 8000 ft), a unique variety of landscapes, an incredible diversity of flora, charming and welcoming villages of the interior, many splendid beaches and bays, breathtaking views of spectacular gorges like the Samaria gorge pictured above, clear and clean sea waters, the list of to do things is endless.


The variety of landscapes and diverses type of terrain offers great beaches, coves and bays, beautiful inland villages, numerous trekking trails and amazing mountains and gorges, in a short there is no shortage of surprises and a fantastic experience for all.


The renowned “Cretan diet” is a great addition to the pleasure of the island it offers incredible quality products from the purest and tastiest olive oil, to the many citrus, fruits and vegetables growing year round in this island , many fishes and delectable seafood, aromatic herbs, natural teas as well as beauty creams and balms using endemic plants specific to Crete.  The distinctive delicate perfume in the air of Crete will charm you with so many aromatic herbs and plants, home grown honey quality is an exceptional reflection and one memorable culinary delicacy.
Pictures only renders little justice to the exceptional quality of Crete, one of the largest in the Mediterranean sea, where history is retracing milleniums of man’s activity in this beautiful part of the world.

We can offer a wide selection of sensational accommodations, wether you would prefer a luxurious private Villas with 4 to 8 bedrooms, infinity swimming pools, daily housecleaning and many services or the convenience and comfort of a beautiful Hotel, there are choices to please everybody.

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