Corsica Magic

Bonifaccio started it all with the incredible location above the cray cliffs, a breathtaking picture of this town resumes the title, yes it is Corsica Magic, it infuses its bold flavour to your senses and imprints its strong seducing image into your memory: you will be back here!

Corsica Magic! Not many places shines as much than this 4 seasons seducing island. Unique identity on the Mediterranean sea, Corsica is showing many beautiful facets through the year.

Mostly appreciated for the wonderful summers, though lesser known to many, this “ile de Beauté” is an incredible gem in any season and really worth discovering when quieter after the high season tourists affluence is gone.

You have to love the seasons changes in Corsica and, in some of our favourite places like the so unique Murtoli Estate, an amazing microcosm of Corsica, you will be under the spell of such landscapes, climates, fauna et flora, Mountains, plains, bays and shores in this bountiful 10,000 acres domain. A pure reflection of the Island of Beauty, hence Magic Corsica!

Each season give the theme of a new celebration, the harvests which bring new fresh products on the tables and delightful meals to enjoy during a short stay, a family gathering, a romantic week-end in this magic Corsica land. Imagine hosting a wedding there!

Murtoli Estate Corsica - Premier Destinations

Murtoli Estate Corsica is located on 2500 hectares of land is a unique and luxury retreat to enjoy golfing, hunting and time at the beach.

The warm, sunny weather is still on until late fall, this is when the quietness of a stressless, relaxed mode, sets in. It is a great season to discover timeless treasures, peaceful moments, beautiful sunsets, the perfumes of ” the Maquis” the crispness of the morning light, the sweetness of the day, the freshness of the harvest.

Autumn settles, the explosion of colours embrace the landscape, the trees leaves painted with many tones of gold and reds contrasting with the greens of the fields, this is a visual feast, for the nature lovers and birds watchers this is one not to be missed as the migrating birds are spending a lot of time in Corsica before their final destination in North Africa.


The road winds from the west coast to the higher grounds flirting with the rugged mountains, the chestnuts forests make a colourful statement on the way, crossing a few typical villages while on the direction to the  East coast of Corsica , towards another one of our Premier Destinations: the beautiful town of Porto Vecchio with a halt at the Hotel Cala Rossa  for one or more nights in this heavenly place, one of the great Corsican houses, member of Relais & Chateaux. Sheltered in the pine trees above a beautiful bay, this lovely property will offer you a delicious inspired cuisine and a wonderful relaxing Spa.

Hotel Cala Rossa Beach

At both locations golfers will benefit from the mastery and expertise of Robert Trent Jones Sr and Kyles Philips who designed 2 scenic courses within the most spectacular settings above the seas and carved in between the olive trees and the sharp peaks of the Corsican Mountains.

Take the time to cool down and relax overlooking the sea, indulge yourself for a long Autumn week-end, maybe a week alternating pleasures of the outdoors, rejuvenate and replenish your energies at the spas with the touch of our beloved Magic Corsica during the fall.

Beautiful Corsican Properties